Portable Massage Stainless Steel with Pillow, White

Massage Table, with adjustable back-raiser, removable insert pillow & folds for carrying. With a paper roll holder.

  • Category: Portable Massage Beds




This 3 section massage table has been  designed with a new tilting mechanism to offer an increased vertical lift. The  table is light yet firm with a sturdy aluminium frame that will support up to  250kg, while weighing only 17kg (without accessories) remains light allowing  easy transport. With 8 height adjustments ranging from 59cm - 80cm this table  is sure to suit almost everyone. Unlike many other tables on the market, this  table can be easily folded away in seconds without readjusting the height. With  its own carry bag this portable, massage table offers exceptional value for  money.

  • Synthetic leather, easy to be cleaned and taken care of  
  • Heavy duty sturdy strong iron frame structure
  • Face hole complete with removable headrest.
  • Padded with 2.5 inch lux high-density foam.
  • Head rest adjustable