Facial Steamer

Mobile Facial Steamer with wheels and adjustable height. Easily removable glass jar for cleaning.

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A Facial Steamer has several benefits. Face steaming is one of the  best skin treatments, as it opens the pores to deep clean excess oil,  dirt and grime to keep your skin clean and clear. Steaming stimulates  blood circulation, which increases oxygen and nutrients to the skin, as  well as softens and moisturizes.

Other great benefits include:

  • Acts as a detoxifier
  • Steam facial will open your pores to deep clean.
  • Regular steam facial will help release all oil, dirt, bacteria, impurities and toxins from your skin.
  • Increase blood circulation and will stimulate perspiration.
  • Loosens up the unsightly and stubborn blackheads and whiteheads
  • Prevent and reduce acne.
  • Steam facial will open sinuses.
  • Leave your skin soft and glowing.

The Facial Steamer is excellent for salons, spas, dermatology  clinics, plastic surgery offices, esthetician’s skin care practice or  home use.

This Facial Steamer is mobile with wheels and is adjustable for  height. Easily removable glass flask which needs to be cleaned regularly  with warm water. Once replaced you can fill the glass with vinegar and  boil it to release all the build up on the element, this can be done  every 6 months.

It is preferable to use distilled water in your facial steamer as it  does not contain all the harsh chemicals in normal water, therefore  protecting your steamer and helping it last longer. It is also more  hygienic for your client.

Recommended way to use a Facial Steamer:

  • Fill glass jar with distilled water to recommended level on the side  of the glass, make sure not to overfill as it can splutter out the  spout and the water will be very hot
  • plug the steamer into a wall socket
  • switch steamer on and wait for it to produce steam out the spout
  • once steam is pouring out, place over clients face approximately  30cm away from her face. make sure it’s not too close as the steam is  hot and it may burn the skin
  • leave steam on for about 10-15mins

We also have a Facial Steamer and mag lamp combo, A compact design to make the most out of your space.