Disposable Spa Pedicure Foot Bath Liners 100's

A new step in hygiene and safety for spas. Foot bath liners that cover the entire inside surface area of the bath. Ideal for maintaining hygiene.

  • Category: Disposables




Ideal for maintaining hygiene for foot baths used many times a day with different customers. Drastically improves hygiene by ensuring no bacteria build-up on bath surface between services. Ensures a clean and safe bath each service for your customers' piece of mind.

Simply apply liner inside basin, keeping plastic firm against basin surface. Draw bath as normal. Plastic material does not affect quality of water. Once service is complete, either tip water out in drain if the pedicure basin is attached to drain or, if there is no drain in bath, clasp edges of liner together and carry water to nearest basin and tip out. Basin is left completely clean and ready for next client without the need for cleaning and extends the lifespan of the bath.