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Precision Fitness offers a dedicated website to our range of massage beds , Spa Beds and even massage accessories to customers who want choice and quality. We even provide facilities to rent massage beds for a event or function. Our Luxmaster range is exclusive to Precision Fitness and offers a quality but affordable Massage bed with all the right features to suit any therapist. We also have videos showing how to set up your bed correctly to get the best benefit from our products.
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All your Salon Furniture , Portable Massage Beds , Spa furniture and even the best electric facial beds and small items like 3 tier trolleys and bed covers shop at the Massage Bed Store. Precision Fitness are importers and suppliers of all Massage beds and the popular Spa Beds that will fit any luxury Spa.

Electric Beds

1 Motor Electric Physio Massage Table

This massage table is made to make your massage therapy an easy process by reducing the strain on your back and allow the client easy hop on and off access. Get your bed height correct and your massage becomes a dream.


Out of stock

1 Motor -Electric Massage and Beauty Couch

The Electric Luxury massage or beauty couch is a deep upholstered three section chair/couch suitable for most salon treatments. Height adjustable with 1 electric motor and removable arms. Includes face hole and cushion. Back rest and leg rest is moved manually. Colour: Deep Upholstery White. Great Value Great Price. Dimensions: W65* x L182.5 x H60-74cm *Width including arms: 72.5cm

Out of stock

Electric 4 Motor Facial Chair

The ultimate salon chair/bed. With 4 motors, this bed can move into almost any position the therapist needs...

Spa Beds

Beauty Couch

Beauty Couch chrome with removable insert pillow and arm-rests for maximum comfort.


Out of stock

Spalux Wooden Stationary Spa Bed (ARRIVING MID JULY )

The Luxmaster Stationary Wooden Spa bed is a fit for any Spa or massage therapist the wants the ultimate comfort for your client. It has an extra shelf to store what you need and 2 drawers to keep your items out of view..


Stationary Wooden Massage Bed (CHOCOLATE COLOUR ONLY)

A stationary fully adjustable Spa Massage Table for any Spa or Salon..


Examination Plinth - White Metal

The examination table or plinth is the standard finish with metal legs for years of reliability and regular use. This table is made for the doctor , physio or any practice that requires a sturdy metal finish bed.


Massage Bed with Chrome Legs (Grey Only)

This massage bed has the best of both worlds. It has the chrome trim with wide legs wich gives the bed an elegant look with a very stable feel. The bottom utility rack is very usefull for all your towels.


Portable Massage Beds

Out of stock

Luxmaster 2 Portable Massage Bed - Wooden ( DUE MID JULY )

The new Luxmaster 3 section Portable Massage bed is a perfect ultimate experience in comfort for your client or for you. Thick density foam and great quality PVC upholstery is our standard.


Portable Massage Bed

This is a portable bed that comes with all the accessories and is height adjustable to suit all therapists..


Portable Desktop Massage System

The Portable Desktop Massage System is a light and foldable massage unit that can go anywhere and set-up on any tabletop.


Fitted Bed Sheets - Toweling with facehole

Single side stretch toweling bed sheets to fit most portable massage beds with elastic ends to ensure a tight and secure fit. The sheet also comes with two extra tie cords for extra tight fitting.


Portable Massage Chairs

Out of stock

Massage Chair

Head and back massage chair, Ideal for Indian Head Massage, Shoulder, Arms, Neck & Back Massage Therapy.

Therapist Stools

Out of stock

Mobile Therapist Stool

The stool is comfortable with gas height lever adjuster and ideal for the therapist to use at any salon or spa.


Out of stock

Manicure Gaslift Stool & Backrest

A therapist stool designed for comfort. White bonded leather padded seat. Star based with five arms and castors for easy movement


Therapist Stool Black Base with Gas-Lift

This Stool has an extra sturdy 5 leg base on wheels. It is available in White & Black


Therapist Stool - Gas Lift

This Stool has an extra sturdy 5 leg base on wheels.


Osaka Chrome Base with Gas-Lift Stool

Stool with Chrome Base with Gas-Lift. Vinyl upholstery with Gas-Lift and chromed base, on wheels.


Saddle Stool Gas Lift with Chrome Base - Black

Slide your way to luxury with the Deluxe Saddle Stool Black, a comfortable stool design with excellent maneuverability.


Spa Equipment

Large Metal 3 Tier trolley

This elegant 3 Tier Metal Trolley is useful in any salon. This Trolley also comes with a hole to fit any Magnifying Lamp


Medium 3 Tier Trolley

This utility Trolley has 3 Tiers, and is useful for all treatment rooms. It also conveniently has a Lamp Hole in order to save you precious working space in you room.


Magnifying Lamp with Stand

This modern Magnifying Lamp has a 3x Optical Lens for extreme clarity. The arm and neck sections are both adjustable for easy movement. The Extra size legs also create extra stability.


Magnifying Lamp without Stand

This modern Magnifying Lamp without Stand has a 3x Optical Lens for extreme clarity. The arm and neck sections are both adjustable for easy movement.


Facial Steamer

Mobile Facial Steamer with wheels and adjustable height. Easily removable glass jar for cleaning.


Facial Steamer and Lamp combo

A compact design to make the most out of your space.


LED Magnifying Lamp with Stand

This unique LED magnifying lamp combines the most intensive light 28 watts maximum light lens, so that you can see your face condition more accurate and clear details.


LED Dimming Eye Protection Lamp

Soft LED lamp designed to protect the eyes during long sessions. Illuminates area without exposing the eyes to harsh light. Helps to eliminate possibility of aching around eye area and to reduce sensitivity to light.


Hot Cabinet with UV

This great Hot Cabinet is suitable for any size room. It is small enough to be out of the way, but has the capacity for 15 face cloths. The UV function also ensures that the warm towels remain sterile.


UV Sterilizer

Store tools & sponges after disinfected to keep them sterilized.


Mani & Pedi Equipment

Out of stock

Chicago Manicure Table

Classic manicure table with black and white design


Out of stock

Dark Wood Manicure Table

Dark wood manicure table top and sides with wheels for easy maneuverability.


Out of stock

Pedicure Station with Foot-Rest & Foot Spa

Pedicure Station with hydraulic pump-up lift chair, height-adjustable foot-rest & mini foot spa, white.


Manicure Trolley Beauty

Beauty Manicure Trolley, 3 Trays & 1 Seat, Black & Chrome. Padded seat and chrome frame, ensuring versatility of use.


Manicure/Pedicure Stool

Manicure/Pedicure Stool, Tray, Legrest & Storage his all-in-one mobile unit is the ideal, versatile workstation to combine different treatments into one piece of furniture.


Out of stock

Express Manucure Table - White

White mani tabel with drawer and arm support cushion.

Out of stock

Pedicure Legrest, Height & Tilt Adjustable - Grey or Black

Height and tilt adjustable for maximum comfort.


Massage Accessories

Hot Stone Kit

This hot stone kit and heater is constructed to offer the best temperature control with a wide heating source giving consistent heat with precision thermostat to set and control temperature.


Small Polished Basalt Massage Stone (Price is for each)

Small Polished Basalt Massage Stone, they not perfectly round


Large Ovular Basalt Massage Stone (Price is for each)

The most popular choice of basalt stones as they not only retain heat due their polished finish.


XLarge Ovular Basalt Massage Stone (Price is for each)

The round, elongated shape fits perfectly in the palm of a therapist's hand, ensuring the stone is used efficiently.


Thumb Saver Massager

A very comfortable tool for deep tissue and trigger point massage - Allows for deeper therapy without straining the thumb - Can be used with oil or cream; clean with warm soap & water or alcohol - Made of superior ABS material - Great for rehab


Bellabaci Body Cups

Get rid of cellulite, pain, spider veins, excess fluid, headaches and migraines and many more concerns with The Bellabaci Body Cups. Achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home in just a few minutes per day.


Bellabaci Facial Cups

By using the Bellabaci Facial cups you get rid of wrinkles,under eye bags,congestion,broken capillaries and many more concerns with the ultimate facial cup.


Hot Stones Chakra Massage Set 7 Stones

A collection of therapeutic stones perfect for wellness and balance. High quality spa stones for spa treatments. Includes: Green Jade, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Brown Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Pink-Quartz, Red Carnelian.



Vinyl Transparent Bed Cover

Vinyl Transparent Bed Cover. Elasticated to protect bed. Ensures cleanliness and hygiene for all services and protects bed against product and chemicals.


Disposable Water-Proof Bed Sheets 10 Pack

Disposable, lightweight, soft and foldable, easy and convenient to use.Waterproof, oil resistant, hygienic.


Beauty Pro Disposable Bed Sheets, with breathing Hole 10/Pack

Easy to put on and replace. Maximizes cleanliness and hygiene.


Disposable Breathing Hole Cover 100's

Disposable covers are great for the busy therapist to accommodate clients in quick succession. These paper covers reduce the expense and inconvenience of laundering


Fitted Headrest Cover 100's

These disposable fitted headrest covers are perfect for all kinds of professionals from spas, clinics, tattoo shops & massage therapists.


Disposable Spa Pedicure Foot Bath Liners 100's

A new step in hygiene and safety for spas. Foot bath liners that cover the entire inside surface area of the bath. Ideal for maintaining hygiene.


Out of stock

Disposable Non-Woven Stretch Headbands, White 100

Non-woven for comfort, these are a beauty salon and makeup artist essential.


Disposable Ladies Bra Velcro - White 6/Pack

Disposable tops for comfortable spa experience. Provides protection and coverage during spa treatments.


Disposable Make-Up Bibs - White 3 Pack

Easy to put on and replace. Maximizes cleanliness and hygiene.


Body Composition Monitors

BC-731 Monitor

The Tanita BC-731 is perfect for monitoring changes in your weight and body composition over time.


BC-601 Segmental with SD Card

The FitScan BC-601 is the perfect tool for monitoring the effectiveness of any fitness or health program.


BC-313 Monitor

The compact glass design ensures easy storage. The large LCD easy-to-read display clearly shows all 10 body composition measurements in just seconds.


Slimming Machines

16Pad Professional Computerized EMS Faradic Slimming Machine

The 16Pad Computer, fully computerized machine is the latest development in computer technology to contract and tone the muscles giving a firmer and younger looking shape to the body. Takes care of cellulite and flabby muscles. Use the machine for a gym like workout shaping and strengthening muscles.


24Pad Professional EMS Faradic Slimming Machine

The 24Pad Professional uses the latest developments in computer technology to contract and tone the muscles giving a firmer and younger looking shape to the body. Takes care of cellulite and flabby muscles. The nine selectable programs are designed to slim, tone and firm specific areas at the touch of a button.


24Pad Electro-Cellulite with 3 Heat Wraps

The Electro-cellulite machine is designed to cater for professional slimming salons. This fully computerized machine is designed to give either faradic, heat or both treatments to the body


24Pad Electro-Cellulite with 5 Pad Heat Wrap

The Electro-Cellulite machine is designed to cater for professional slimming salons. There are now 5 heat diathermy pads that cover 2 x legs, 2 x arms, and a body pad. This gives full body coverage with the heat diathermy machines.


24 Pad Professional Duo 5 – Salon Bundle

The 24 Pad Professional Duo 5 machine is specially designed to cater for professional slimming salons and serious home users. It is a combination machine, with both EMS technology and BodyTherm heat function.


30Pad Professional EMS Faradic Slimming Machine

The 30Pad Professional uses the latest developments in computer technology to contract and tone the muscles giving a firmer and younger looking shape to the body.


10Pad Standard EMS Faradic Slimming Machine

The 10 Pad Standard gives the same powerful output as the larger Professional machines with a single computer controlled program.


XR8 Portable EMS Slimming Machine

The XR8 Portable produces excellent results on either battery or with the plug-in mains power pack supplied.


Infra-Red Heat Diathermy Machine with Stand

Through increased local circulation the process of fatty cell breakdown will be achieved also stimulating lymphatic drainage. Use our cosmetic range formulated for use with the Health Technology machines.


Slimming Machine Trolley

Trolley for storing slimming machine. Easy to move around in a salon.


Facial Machines

Microcurrent / Galvanic Facial Machine

Microcurrent, Microderm makes use of the latest, most gentle and painless method currently being used around the world by those individuals wishing to look years younger. Galvanic, Skin Treatments for rejuvenation of the skin and facial treatments


Galvanic & Hi Frequency Combo Machine, with 4 Attachments

Galvanic & High Frequency Combo Machine with 3 electrodes and 4 attachments. High frequency is the best way to invigorate circulation by stimulating cells


Inversion Tables

Inversion Table – Lifegear 75303 Invert Ease Inversion Table

The theory of inversion table use is that hanging upside down or at an angle where your head is lower than your feet will decompress the spine, which should relieve the pressure and pain.


Budget Inversion Table

This is a budget inversion table that will do the job and has a canvas backrest and ergonomically moulded ankle cushions holds your ankles securely and comfortably..



All your Salon Furniture, Portable Massage Beds, and even the best electric facial beds and small items like 3 tier trolleys and bed covers shop at the Massage Bed Store. Precision Fitness are importers and suppliers of all Massage beds.

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